Wednesday Hot Reads: 3 Tips For Finding Your First ETF

January 25, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Dow ETF Rakes In The Cash (Barron's)
The Dow-tracking exchange-traded fund 'DIA' attracted $811 million in new money over the past week.


3 Tips For Finding Your First ETF (Nasdaq)
There are plenty of ETFs on the market. Here are some quick tips for finding the right one for you. 


Why That Leveraged ETF Is A Bad Idea (Forbes)
Leveraged exchange-traded funds are more appropriate for professional traders than they are for individual investors.


Writing Covered Calls With ETFs (
Kevin Simpson on learning more about his firm’s signature offering, the ETF Hedged covered-call portfolio.


Morgan Stanley Demands Fees From ETF Issuers (Bloomberg)
Firm says issuers must pay a fee for transaction data or be blocked from sales network.


Goldman's Crinieri On 'The Rise Of Smart Beta' (
CNBC's Bob Pisani talks to Goldman Sachs' global head of ETF strategy about the growth of smart-beta products.


Nuclear-Friendly Trump Fuels Uranium ETF's Rise (ETF Trends)
The perception of Trump as "nuclear-friendly" has caused the Global X's uranium ETF "URA" to outperform all other ETFs in recent days.

"The Greater Depression" - Comparing The 1930s & Today (ZeroHedge)
You've heard the axiom "history repeats itself." It does, but never in exactly the same way. To apply the lessons of the past, we must understand the differences of the present.


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