Wednesday Hot Reads: 5 Most Insane Quotes Against The Fiduciary Rule

February 15, 2017

Compiled by Staff


The 5 Most Insane Quotes Against The Fiduciary Rule (Reformed Broker)
The opinions found on social media can be a dark jungle of misinformation and lies. This is not a surprise.


If Only Alpha Were Easy (Vanguard)
How is active management like an episode of "Battlebots"? Facing highly skilled competitors, outperformance may only be a dream.


A Dividend ETF Suited For These Times (Investopedia)
One of the more compelling fixed-income ETF launches is the newly minted Fidelity Dividend ETF for Rising Rates (FDRR). Fidelity, which has been making inroads in the ETF business over the past several years, launched FDRR in September as part of a broader suite of new smart-beta ETFs.


Fidelity Pares Down Facebook & Google, Adds Big Banks (Barron’s)
It’s 13F week, when investors get a peak at last quarter’s holdings' moves by the likes of big hedge fund managers like George Soros and Daniel Loeb. Fidelity’s 13F revealed that its portfolio reorganization resembled Third Point’s.


Dump FANG; Buy ... CRAP Instead? (ETF Daily News)
Forget about Facebook & friends; instead consider computers, resources, American banks and phone carriers.


Hedge Funds Buy Financials, Sell Tech (Bloomberg)
13F filings reveal hedge funds have upped their holdings in financial companies, while cutting back on tech holdings.


Yellen Rejects Trump Attacks On Dodd-Frank, Says Banks Now Safer (Bloomberg)
Janet Yellen defended the Federal Reserve’s oversight of Wall Street in the years since the financial crisis, arguing banks are safer, have kept lending and remain profitable, despite claims by the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers that regulations have crippled economic growth.


US Investors Brace For Mounting Political Risks As They Decode Trump (Reuters)
Fund managers aren't just focusing on whatever company Trump mentions in his latest tweet. They say they're also worrying he could increase global tensions and raise trade tariffs worldwide, hurting companies large and small.

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