Wednesday Hot Reads: 7 Best Tech ETFs For 2018

January 10, 2018

Compiled by Staff


7 Best Technology ETFs for 2018 (InvestorPlace)
These tech ETFs could be leaders through the rest of the year.


130-Year Old Kodak Joins Cryptocurrency Craze (CNBC)
Company said it used blockchain to create new platform for digital photography with its own digital currency: KodakCoin.


Fierce Bitcoin Critic Now Has ‘Regret’ (Nasdaq)
JPMorgan Chase CEO has mellowed on the cryptocurrency after vehemently warning on it.


‘PAVE’ Betting On Infrastructure No Matter What Trump Does (Bloomberg)
Global X infrastructure ETF hits record high as inflows surge.


How Volatility ETFs Have Made Billions Of Dollars Disappear (Motley Fool)
How these funds are structured, and why they’ve been among the worst investments.


Boom Times For ETFs To Continue (Wealth Management)
An interview with Guggenheim’s William Belden.


Levered ETFs For The Long Run? (Newfound Research)
Quant firm makes case for long-term use of leveraged ETFs.


Why I Hate Leveraged ETFs (Seeking Alpha) 
They often have inherent time decay and carry significant risk, among other reasons.


Socially Responsible Investing Isn't Just For Cranks (Bloomberg)
New fund looks to bring activist skills to shareholder activism.


MSCI Links ESG With Stronger Asset Growth (P&I)
New research shows ESG investing leads to greater assets under management.


How US Stock Market Is Unique (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
Most markets are highly concentrated in a handful of stocks. 


Top 5 Muni Market Insights For 2018 (MainStay)
Tax reform and new regulatory policies could mean investment opportunities for well-positioned muni investors.

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