Wednesday Hot Reads: Active Managers' Factor Test

September 27, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Does Your Active Manager Pass The Factors Test? (Vanguard)

The best ways to determine if you’re getting value from your actively managed fund.


Does Past Performance Matter? (Alpha Architect Blog)

A recent paper finds that using past performance as a way to select funds results in underperformance.


Thematic ETFs Getting Respect (Nasdaq)
Some of the thematic ETFs grabbing investor attention this year.


ETFs Gauge Consumer Confidence (WealthManagement)
XLY’/’XLP’ ratio has been a fairly good bellwether of equity market sell-offs that accompany or precede economic slowdowns.


Correlation & Risk Relationship (Bloomberg)

Stocks are seeing low volatility and low correlations. What does it mean for investors?


ETF Portfolios: Bulls In A China Shop (Barron's)
ETF strategy managers have gained lots of clout; they’re doing their best to avoid disrupting the market with their massive trades.


Invesco May Buy Guggenheim ETF Biz: $1.1B (CNBC)

Guggenheim's ETF business has around $30 billion in AUM, while Invesco has $125 billion.


Will 401(k) Plans Be 'Rothed'? (Morningstar)
Probably not, but it's a possibility.


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