Wednesday Hot Reads: Advisors’ ‘Go-To’ Investment

October 11, 2017

Compiled by Staff


ETFs Are Go-To Investment For Advisors (CNBC)
88% of advisors now use ETFs, up from 40% in 2006.


Active Vs Passive Investing Debate (Bloomberg)

Don't discount impact of investor behavior your results.


Active Management Here To Stay (South China Morning Post)
Investors need both cheap passive investment funds and traditional active houses.


Losing With Winning Hand (Dollars & Data)

Even the best portfolio will have its downturns. Be patient.


Don't Panic On ETF Liquidity (Seeking Alpha)
With most ETFs, you’re unlikely to get stuck. 


ECB Is 'Biggest ETF In Town' (MarketWatch)

ECB’s purchases of corporate bonds have drawn criticism that it’s acting like a bond fund manager. 


JPMorgan Preps 1st European ETFs (Financial News)
Announcement follows earlier 2017 hire of Invesco's former European ETF head.

September Wage Gains Real Or Photoshopped? (WisdomTree)

Disappointing aspect of the last few years’ employment data is no significant wage gains.


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