Wednesday Hot Reads: Assessing The Total Cost Of ETFs

April 12, 2017

Compiled by Staff

Assessing The Total Cost Of ETF Ownership (Morningstar)

The total cost of owning an ETF may vary widely on a fund-by-fund and investor-by-investor basis.


The Smart Beta ETF Vogue Is No Threat To Factor Investing (Robeco)

The success of smart-beta ETFs has raised concerns over a possible “overcrowding” of factor strategies. A recent analysis of U.S. equity ETF factor exposures suggests this is not the case.


Navigating The Complex World Of ETFs (Huffington Post)
ETFs have are the preferred investment vehicle. Yet their proliferation has saturated the market, forcing many ETFs to close. Investors must be more selective and diligent in evaluating them.


Niche ETFs Zero In On Macro Trends (The Globe And Mail)
With niche or thematic ETFs, investors can home in on specific growth areas within an industry or subsector while staying diversified.


Trump-Inspired ETFs Come to Market (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas reports on ETFs hitting the market that are based on the Trump presidency.


Valuations Rising For Semiconductor ETFs (ETF Trends)
Chip stocks are becoming increasingly expensive, but some think they shouldn't be judged by traditional valuation measures.


Platinum Shrugged: A Rand Story (Seeking Alpha)
Platinum's price is inextricably linked to the performance of South Africa's rand. 


‘Team Trump’ Asia Pivot: Presidential Leadership (WisdomTree Blog)

Trump and China's Xi Jinping make inroads on trade, lowering risk of a trade or currency war. 


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