Wednesday Hot Reads: Best Commodity Trade You Missed

February 22, 2017

Compiled by staff


ETF Investors Miss Out On The Best Commodity Trade Of The Year (Bloomberg)
Instead of piling into the asset that’s offered the biggest gain among 22 raw materials on the Bloomberg Commodity Index this year―silver―ETF investors are retreating.

S&P 500 Already Trading At Levels Forecast For Year End (Bloomberg)
The S&P 500 has already exceeded the average of analysts' performance expectations for the index in 2017. 


Jack Bogle Doesn't Feel 'Super Confident' About Market Rally (CNBC)
In 10 years, GDP might grow at a tepid 2%, and that may be a drag on corporate profits, said the indexing legend. 


A Hedge Fund's Investment Argument For China (Bloomberg)
An outperforming British hedge fund likes China because of its political predictability and domestic demand.


Global Fixed Income: What Is 'Emerging'? (WisdomTree)

The U.S. fixed-income market is challenging this year, especially under a new administration, but policy considerations can have global ramifications as well. Here are the trends “emerging” thus far.


The ETF Illusion: An Inside Look (SeekingAlpha)
An explanation of corporate bond ETFs and the problem of "phantom liquidity."


NatGas Plunges As Meteorologists Declare Winter Over (CNBC)
Prices fell almost 10% on Tuesday as traders looked forward to the possibility of El Nino this summer.


Global Corporate Earnings: Wind Beneath My Wings (BlackRock)
Richard Turnill explains why earnings are improving across the globe, and highlights the markets with the most potential.


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