Wednesday Hot Reads: Blockchain ETFs Just Tech Funds

January 31, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Your Blockchain ETF May Just Be A Tech Fund (Bloomberg) 
Blockchain ETFs are hot, but they own a lot of big-name tech companies.


At Inside ETFs, Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley Doesn't Mention ETFs (RIA Biz)
He was more interested in mass delivery of financial advice.


Kodak's Dubious Cryptocurrency Gamble (NY Times)
What on earth is KodakCoin?


Will Politics Overshadow GDP Growth In Latin America? (Invesco)
Earnings expectations improving in Brazil, but high uncertainty hinders Mexico growth.


Chart From DoubleLine Capital Says Commodities To Rally (MarketWatch)
Also suggests equities rally may be overdone.


Liquidity Mismatch In Bond ETFs (Bloomberg)
In a market downturn, investors could get burned by these ETFs' lack of liquidity.


Where ETF Assets Likely To Head In Downturn (Nasdaq) 
VIX and tactical multi-asset funds could see inflows. 


ETFs Were Born 25 Years Ago (The Hill)
Wall Street has never been the same. 


Some ETFs From 2017's Bumper Crop Find Success (Benzinga)
Some new funds immediately successful; others struggle to gain investor traction.

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