Wednesday Hot Reads: ETFs For Those In Their 50s

May 03, 2017

Complied by Staff

ETFs For Those In Their 50s (

Investors in their 50's should be thinking more about buying a few different ETFs, as opposed to the one-stop shops.


House Approves Bill To Improve Access To ETF Research (

The Fair Access to Investment Research Act would allow broker-dealers to produce more research on ETFs.


Biggest Gold Miner ETF Just Saw Largest Outflows On Record (Bloomberg)

Gold ETFs faced massive redemptions, and the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners (GDX) led last week, with outflows of $778 million.


Don't Blame ETFs Or Passive Investors For High Valuations (MarketWatch)

Flows into index funds have been massive, but that's no smoking gun.


Why To Be Wary Of These Bonds (BlackRock)

“We see Federal Reserve rate increase expectations returning as a bond market driver, justifying our cautious stance on sovereign debt.”


Jeff Gundlach Says This Could Trigger A Summer Slide For Stocks (MarketWatch)
Watch out for a spike in Treasury yields, warns DoubleLine's Gundlach.


How To Choose The Best ETF For The Job (Seeking Alpha)
A guide to what's important when selecting an ETF.



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