Wednesday Hot Reads: Fed’s Chair Says Don’t Blame ETFs

February 28, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Powell: ETFs Not To Blame For Market Correction (Bloomberg)
To those looking to blame ETFs for February’s market correction, Fed Chairman Powell says they’re mostly innocent.


New Sector Will Encompass Trading Favorites (MarketWatch) 
Communications sector will represent an "unprecedented realignment."


Comparing Key Emerging Markets Debt ETFs (Morningstar) 
An in-depth analysis of ‘EMB’ and ‘PCY.’


Questions For Next Bear Market (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
A bear market is inevitable, but while you wait for it, some things to contemplate.


Where Corporations Will Spend Their Cash This Year (Reformed Broker)
Goldman expects the biggest jump in share buybacks, followed by acquisitions. 


Crypto's Hottest Hires: Banking Cops (Bloomberg)
Wall St. vets landing new roles on frontier of virtual currencies.


Leveraged & Inverse ETFs Grew To Record In January (Reuters)
Assets in these controversial funds hit $87.3 billion.


Look Beyond Crypto Hype (BlackRock)
Are virtual currencies coming of age as investment targets yet?

Equal Weight Alternative (Indexology)
Equal-weight S&P 500 outperforms cap weight due to disciplined quarterly rebalancing.

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