Wednesday Hot Reads: House Panel Votes To Kill Fiduciary Rule

October 25, 2017

Compiled by Staff


House Panel Approves Bill To Kill Fiduciary Rule (Investment News)
Bill now moves to House floor for full vote.


Investors Bail On ‘SLV’ As Silver Price Falls (Bloomberg)
The ETF just saw its biggest redemption in six years.


Why This EM ETF Remains So Popular With Investors (Zacks)
IEMG’ may be junior to the ultra-popular ‘EEM,’ but it’s set a record for itself.


4 Principles For Building Your Core (SPDR Blog)
Today’s low return expectations make building an ultra-low-cost, diversified core crucial. 


Shares Of ‘IEI’ Now Oversold (ETF Channel)
This bond ETF’s selling could be reaching an end based on technical indicators. 


When Will Bitcoin ETFs Get Approval? (Brave New Coin)
Many industry experts think a bitcoin ETF won’t be approved anytime soon.


As Good As It Gets? (Reformed Broker)
The S&P 500 hasn’t traded more than 3% below an all-time high for 242-consecutive trading days.


Trump's Way To Pick Fed Chair Creates Volatile Bond Market (CNBC)
Bond market taking Stanford University economist John Taylor seriously as a Fed Chair candidate.


BlackRock Wants ETF Rules To Help Competitors (Bloomberg)
Fund issuers approved pre-2012 have far greater flexibility.


How Much Pull ETFs Have In Stock Market (MarketWatch)
About 7% of large-cap shares are owned by ETFs.


Big Sector ETFs May Get New Looks (Benzinga)
S&P and MSCI considering changes to three sectors.


Flow Traders Signals Global ETF Trading Collapse (ZeroHedge)
Trading in low-cost, passive investment products might be vulnerable.


Have Active Managers Given Active A Bad Name? (Morningstar)
Spoiler alert: Yes.


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