Wednesday Hot Reads: How Schwab Attracts Small Investors

February 14, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Schwab Attracts Small Investors Via Lower Minimums (Investopedia)
Company's AUM from small investors has grown to nearly $1 billion in the past year.


Investors: Don’t Panic Over Falling Bond Prices (MarketWatch)
A financial planner says rebalance your portfolio instead.


When Investment Theory Fails, Leverage (Morningstar)
Concept appeals, but reality doesn’t. Does leverage ever make sense?


Valuations Could Keep Stocks Choppy (Bloomberg)
By some measures, stocks are more expensive than during the dot-com bubble.


World Class Wealth Management CEO Talks Automation (Reformed Broker)
Computers don’t empathize, and people turn to software for questions that have black and white answers.


TIP: Currently Preferred Over Cash & GLD (Seeking Alpha)
TIP’ would be a better idea than a cash allocation or gold over the next year.


Smart Beta Making This Strategist Sick (Institutional Investor)
Smart beta has become the E. coli of institutional investing.


Advisors Hiding High-Fee Mutual Fund Share Classes Can't Fool SEC (Investment News)
SEC has offered amnesty to advisors who failed to disclosed 12b-1 fees.

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