Wednesday Hot Reads: Pot ETF Sparks Interest

January 03, 2018

Compiled by Staff


New Marijuana ETF Ablaze (Forbes) 

California has legalized retail sales of marijuana, giving pot stocks a major boost.


420 Investor Spurns Pot ETF (MarketWatch)

The man behind 420 Investor is instead focused on the virtues of diversification and blockchain.


Bitcoin's Crypto Dominance At Its Lowest Level (CNBC)
Tuesday, its market cap was $231.8 billion, 36.1% of the total value of all cryptocurrencies, the lowest share on record. 


Should Pensions Invest In Bitcoin? (Institutional Investor)

New paper focuses on its unique diversification benefits and risk/return profile.


10 Things To Look Forward To At InsideETFs (WealthManagement)
Matt Hougan, CEO of Inside ETFs, on what advisors can look forward to at the year’s biggest ETF conference.


8 ETF Predictions For 2018 (Nasdaq)

Chances are high optimism will be quelled.


2017's Hottest Commodity Hits New Record (Bloomberg) 

Palladium, up 55% in 2017, continued its rise as the new year got rolling.


15 Great ETFs For A Prosperous 2018 (Kiplinger)

VOO,’ ‘IJH’ and ‘ITA’ are just a few of the funds. 


The Math Doesn't Work (Irrelevant Investor)
Pensions will find it increasingly difficult to make enough money to meet liabilities.

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