Wednesday Hot Reads: Ready For Financial Research On Steroids?

January 04, 2017

Compiled by staff


Ready To Read Financial Research On Steroids? (AlphaArchitect)
The 2017 American Finance Association conference is kicking off this week, and here are links to all 235 papers being presented.


Wall Street's 2017 Forecast The Most Bearish Annual Outlook In 12 Years (CNBC)
Wall Street's consensus S&P 500 forecast calls for a little more than a 5% gain in 2017, the smallest increase predicted since a 2.8% forecast heading into 2005.


Preparing Your ETF Portfolio For Success In 2017 (FMD Capital)
Preparation is an important part of executing any successful plan, and ETFs are the best tools. 


Do Central Bankers Know A Bubble When They See One? (ZeroHedge)
History shows the Fed has taken contradictory positions on bubbles along the way.


Investing Fast & Slow (Vanguard)
Should you invest it all now, or in small amounts over time? Andy Clarke shows that dollar-cost averaging isn’t always the best strategy.


Currency-Hedged UK ETFs Booming (ETF Trends)
A weakening pound helps boost currency-hedged ETFs tracking the U.K. market. 


SPDR Gold ETF Sees Largest Outflows Since 2013 (Bloomberg)
Money managers and hedge funds pare back their holdings in GLD.


Mexico ETF & Peso Hit By Ford Withdrawal (MarketWatch)
Trump is shaping up to be a real head wind to Mexico's market.


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