Wednesday Hot Reads: Robo Advisors Overwhelmed With Plunge

February 07, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Robo Advisors, Discounters Overwhelmed By Plunge (Barron's)
On Monday, outages were reported at Betterment, Vanguard, TD Ameritrade and more.


3 Things To Remember After Tuesday's Upswing (Morningstar)
Stocks rebounded amid volatile trading; investors should remain prepared.


ETFs Holding Up Amid Volatility-Linked Trading Madness (Bloomberg)
We aren't seeing the much-predicted ETF meltdown.


Volatility Isn't Keeping Investors From ETFs (MarketWatch)
Flows have been positive despite market declines. 


Debt Ceiling One Of Market's Biggest Threats (CNBC)
Upcoming battle over debt ceiling could have big impacts on stocks.


End Of 60/40? (Alpha Architect) 
The case for diversified value, momentum and carry-risk exposures. 


2 Angles On Investing In AI (Nasdaq)
There are funds that invest in AI companies and those that use AI to guide their investments.


Time To Buy Homebuilding Stocks & ETFs? (MainStay)
Recent sell-off creating opportunities in various sectors, homebuilders being one of them.

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