Wednesday Hot Reads: When ETFs Own Too Much

October 18, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Ownership By ETFs Raises Questions (Business Insider)
Is it problematic that ETFs own more than 1/5 of Meredith Corp.'s shares?


Virtu Aims To Rescue Languishing ETFs (Bloomberg)
Firm wants issuers to pay traders to support smaller, newer ETFs.


Risk Perception Vs. Risk Profile (Wealth Of Common Sense)

Investors’ biggest risk to their portfolio is themselves.


How Bull Markets End (CNBC)
Investor-sentiment gauges starting to resemble 1987 Black Monday level?


Dividend Fund's Weighting Approach Crazy? (Seeking Alpha)

‘DVY’ weights its components by dividend size, raising some questions.


How Safe Is Your High-Yield ETF? (Nasdaq)

Risks that come with the lower credit quality of such funds.


Big ETF Keeps Getting Bigger (Benzinga)

VTI’ on right track to join $100 billion club.


Bernstein Backtracks On Passive With ETF (Bloomberg)
Firm said passive asset management’s rise would be worse than Marxism. It seems to have had a change of heart.

Crude Jumps As Conflicts Rise (Barron’s)

OIL’ rose more than 1% Monday.


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