Wednesday Hot Reads: Why Bitcoin ETFs Will Follow Futures

November 08, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Cboe President: Bitcoin ETFs Likely To Follow Futures (Bloomberg)
Cboe Global Markets sees bitcoin ETFs on horizon.


CME's Melamed Sees Bitcoin Becoming Asset Class (Reuters)
CME's chairman emeritus believes bitcoin will likely become a major asset class rather than remaining a cryptocurrency.


Trump Gives ETFs & Mutual Funds $2.9T Lift (CNBC)
Since Trump's victory, AUM for mutual funds and ETFs surged about 16%, or $2.9 trillion, to $21.1 trillion.


Can Bitcoin Be Tamed? (Reformed Broker)
An established futures market along with a more retail-friendly ETF will supercharge interest in this space.


ETFs Widen Lead Over Hedge Funds (Seeking Alpha)
Global assets in ETFs were at $4.5 trillion as of the end of Q3, while hedge funds had $3.2 trillion.


Moderately Higher US Dollar Expected (BlackRock Blog)
What a modest rise means for investors and how they should address it.


Humans Becoming Less Important In World's Largest Market (Bloomberg)
The $5.1 trillion FX market is automating in response to rigging scandals.


Millennials, Women Drive Assets To ESG Strategies (InvestmentNews)
80% of women and 90% of millennials show interest in ESG.


Smart Beta ETFs Slowing; Could Shift Whole Landscape (Business Insider)
Year-over-year growth has stalled in an increasingly competitive market.


Support Or Resistance For Europe? (Indexology)
October was a broadly positive month for the region’s equity markets, but that may not be good news for technical analysts.


PIMCO Plays It Safe With Multifactor Equity ETFs (FMD Capital)
PIMCO's first lineup of equity ETFs takes a safe route for broad appeal.

New ETF For Beaten-Up Biotech (Citywire Money)
Britain’s ‘BTEC’ may provide timely entry point.


 ‘XLK’ Trounces Competition During Earnings (Bloomberg)
When the tech giants beat estimates, this fund follows suit.


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