Looking Toward Non US Bonds

August 27, 2014


A few observations about this comparison:

  • The hedged non-U.S. Aggregate has outperformed the unhedged version by nearly 1.6 percentage points this year due to the weakness of the euro, particularly over the past four months.
  • The unhedged non-U.S. index has performed similarly to the U.S. Aggregate, but with greater volatility due to currency fluctuations.
  • The hedged non-U.S. has outperformed the U.S. Aggregate by nearly 1.4 percentage points year-to-date, with the outperformance coming in the past three months.


As with building a diversified equity portfolio, there are numerous decisions that need to be made when building out a diversified fixed-income portfolio.

While the suite of non-U.S. ETFs is not as robust as on the U.S. side, there are numerous differentiated funds available to use in building a diversified fixed-income portfolio.

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