ETFs Point To A Goodbye For Style Boxes

December 08, 2014

Internet Of Things

One of the most exciting trends in technology is known as the "Internet of things," a phrase that denotes the informational connectivity of everything from household appliances, transportation modes and factory floor activities to smartphones, tablets and data centers. The little microchip has come a long way.

ETFs in some ways are analogous to microchips, as they are pointing the way to a whole new and more thoughtful way to invest that I like to call the “portfolio of things.” But I’m getting ahead of myself. So first a bit more about the Internet of things, and the reasons it’s still more of an idea than a new way of life.

The challenge for the future, like all innovation, will be rooted in the systems and regulations that will need to adapt in order to process and use all this information in productive ways. In the U.S., where average Internet download speeds are a mediocre 35th in world rankings and where a shortage of trained data and software engineers exists, solving these issues will be critical.

A policy of infrastructure investment and immigration reform focused on retaining foreign graduates of U.S. universities is required, but intransience in Washington ensures an uncertain future for the next big thing that could help transform the global economy.



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