Breakeven Inflation Rates And TIPS ETFs

October 15, 2014

The results of the analysis were encouraging, so the methodology was used to evaluate the two-year and five-year breakeven inflation rates as well. Across each of the time frames, the results were consistent.

Rotating between TIPS and Treasurys, using the level of the breakeven inflation rate as a trigger appears to be a viable strategy. As it happens, the breakeven rates for each of these time frames are hovering just above 1 standard deviation below the average, signaling it may soon be time to begin a back-rotation into TIPS.

Inflation-Linked Bond ETFs

There are many fine inflation-linked bond ETFs. Let’s review three different kinds that we find interesting.

The takeaway is this: There are plenty of choices in the TIPS ETF market, and it’s wise to keep up on them, as sooner or later, inflationary pressure is likely to start climbing.

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