3 Questions Investors Worry Too Much About

July 17, 2015

The average life expectancy of a male in the Middle Ages was somewhere between 30 and 45 years, despite their genetic makeup being similar to ours today. If someone were able to dodge disease and take relatively good care of themselves, then they could live quite a bit longer.

So, would a 40-year-old in the Middle Ages be long in the tooth? Yes. Was the marginal rate of death much higher for those from 45 to 50 versus 40 to 45? Not necessarily. They weren't dying of old age at 45, they were dying from other factors.

This bull market will not die of old age. It might die of a world crisis in some capacity, but bull markets don't die of old age.

What Should Investors Worry About

We feel investors should be focused on their asset allocation and investment process. Trying to pick active managers that may outperform an index, time interest-rate movements or the end to the bull market are all activities with low likelihood of success. We encourage investors to stick to the impactful aspects of portfolio management with higher likelihood of improving success.

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