Alternatives To Broad High Yield Bond ETFs

December 21, 2015

Moving down the spectrum, ANGL appears to fall in between PHB and HYG/JNK in terms of characteristics. Once again, the return stream follows suit:

Energy Exposure

Given that the hot button topic surrounding high yield (particularly in the recent downward pressure) is the underlying energy exposure, I would be remiss not to highlight the differences in said exposure between all the aforementioned names with an industry-level breakdown:

While the overall energy exposure is not significantly different, there are a few deviations. An example is that the crossover names have a slightly higher pipeline exposure from the inclusion of the names rated BBB.


While there is a sense of trepidation surrounding the high-yield market, particularly in the recent sell-off, there is a spectrum of names available that lend themselves to a higher-quality high-yield exposure. Whether it is from inclusion of securities rated BBB, a different weighting scheme or a more limited high-yield constituent universe, those looking for exposure do not have to rely on only broad high-yield ETFs.

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