Key ETF Indicators Tinged With Gold

October 14, 2019

Together they only have $4 billion in assets under management (AUM). Don’t shoot the “ETF Nerd” messenger. The fact is that for an expense ratio of 0.25%, each these four ETFs provide for a BlackRock research definition of what is a portfolio with an aggressive allocation, growth allocation, moderate allocation and conservative focus.

There are also 71 other ways to participate in this allocation category that holds about $13 billion in AUM.



Allocation strategies can be especially complex, but they can provide a solution to lower volatility in portfolios. We also break down the list into subcategories: active, passive, tactical, hedge fund replication.

Noteworthy is the fact that the average fee in this subcategory is 0.36% and the weighted average fee is 0.52%. This matters because these products provide a benchmark for pricing as well as performance.

We expect that this category as a solution will expand meaningfully as active demonstrates value and markets get choppy. However, these ETFs will need to communicate a concise message.

Below we share the top 10 allocation ETFs by AUM from our Toroso Security Master and Key Performance Indicators specific to this asset class:


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