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June 03, 2019

What To Expect From Next 20 Years

Investors fell short on an annualized basis in the past 20 years. Will the next 20 years look like the past 20? 

Ideally, individual investors would do a lot better. But human nature is what it is, so we should still expect a “behavior gap” as investors chase performance, bypassing opportunities in asset classes when they are “on sale.”

That said, as for relative performance of asset classes, we still expect emerging markets to lead given higher expected economic growth rates coupled with more attractive valuations.

A few of these other asset classes, though, might surprise us going forward.

First, it would not be unreasonable for commodities to do a lot better in the years ahead as they recover from what’s been a brutally long bear market in recent years.

Developed international stocks will also likely offer solid returns against U.S. stocks. Bonds will still most likely generate positive returns, but they will likely generate lower returns than what we have seen over the past 20 years.

Top ETF Picks

While often not the biggest and most popular choices, here are some of our favorite ETFs to access each of these markets:



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