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Swedroe: ‘Passive’ Market Efficiency Works

Profound shift from active to passive investing hasn’t derailed market efficiency.

ETF Strategist Corner

20 Best ETF Quotes

Here’s a look at some of the best ETF sound bites from industry experts over the years.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Sentiment A Negative Predictor?

Manager sentiment and stock returns tend to have an inverse relationship.

Index Investor Corner

Boeing's Lesson About The Dow

Not all U.S. equity indexes are created equal, and Boeing’s recent troubles are a good reminder of that. Analysis

GICS Sector Changes Revisited

Six months after major sector index changes, here's a look at the ETF impact.

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Swedroe: TIPS Still Looking Cheap

How five-year TIPS and five-year Treasuries stack up against each other.


ETF Prime Podcast: Investor Education Challenges

Also, the role of alternative investment strategies.  

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Swedroe: Capitalism Vs. Socialism

It’s already priced in. Trust in the wisdom of crowds.