Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Active Impacts Returns & Volatility

The lower active share is a sign of closet indexing, which raises the hurdle for generating alpha. Analysis

Bond ETFs Gaining Market Share

The space has attracted more than half of all new assets into U.S.-listed ETFs.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Climate Change Investing Research

Investors are expressing themselves on climate change through fund selection.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Does Money Buy Happiness?

After a certain threshold, more money doesn’t necessarily help.

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Using Valuation Metrics

Investors often misunderstand how to use valuation metrics like the CAPE 10.


ETF Prime Podcast: Due Diligence & Investor Behavior

Plus, ETF exposure to IPOs; spotlighting ‘HOMZ.’

ETF Strategist Corner

Assessing India’s Growth Story

As an ETF investor, are you paying too much to capture India’s growth?

Index Investor Corner

Swedroe: Variance Risk Premium Evidence

Why the VRP is important and how investors can access it.