2015 ETF.com Awards Finalists Announced

January 19, 2016

Best Online Broker for ETF-Focused Investors

Awarded to the online brokerage offering the best package for ETF-focused investors. This award considers commission-free trading options, education materials, supporting services and other factors.

· Charles Schwab
From its OneSource program to its robo advisor, Schwab offers unique capabilities and unique value propositions to its clients. The firm is also noted for the high-quality ETF research and tools it offers to clients.

· Fidelity
Offering commission-free trading on its 85 ETFs, Fidelity also provides excellent data and research on the ETF space from a variety of high-quality providers, and a slick new ETF screener that debuted in December 2015. Its nominations reference the “best price improvement in the industry” for trades.

· Interactive Brokers
Interactive Brokers is beloved by investors for its low costs and impressive capabilities, including for options and stock loans. As one nomination said: “IB is the cheapest. Period!”

· Robinhood
If IB is the cheapest, Robinhood operates on another level. The much-hyped tech startup offers simple trading services—market, limit and a handful of other orders—over a slick Web app, for free, if you’ve received a beta invite to be a customer! Backed by impressive VCs, it’s looking to remake the brokerage industry for the millennial era.

· TD Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade receives broad kudos for offering a commission-free list of ETFs selected for their merits, rather than for any marketing payments or relationships. And that’s on top of a reputation for high-quality service at a fair price.

Best ETF Offering: Wire House

Awarded to the wire house that offer its reps and advisors the best total offering in the ETF space, including research, data, tools, trading capabilities and education.

· Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch received widespread praise for its overall ETF effort, including sophisticated ETF due diligence capabilities and a focus on high-quality portfolio construction, execution and more.

· Morgan Stanley
Well known as a sophisticated leader in the wire house space when it comes to ETFs, Morgan Stanley stands out for its highly respected research, well-known model portfolios and solid rep-as-PM model.

Beyond a solid overall offering, nominations noted that UBS’ commitment to ETF research grew tremendously in 2015. Nominees noted particularly high praise for David Perlman, whose insightful research carefully ties UBS’ overall recommendations with specific ETF implementation tools.

Best ETF Offering: Independent Regional Broker-Dealer

Awarded to the independent broker-dealer offering its reps and advisors the best total offering in the ETF space, including research, data, tools, trading capabilities and education.

· Ameriprise
The nominations for Ameriprise highlight its overall commitment to ETFs, with a balanced approach and solid managed account capabilities.

The nominations for LPL call it out as a great partner for the ETF industry, with solid research, ETF strategist portfolios and a penchant for allowing advisors access to a wide range of products.

· Raymond James
RayJay’s new ETF-only portfolios offer investors low-cost, broad-based exposure to the ETF market.

· Securities America
Securities America received multiple nominations for providing a strong service to sophisticated ETF clients, including many in the ETF strategist space.

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