2015 ETF.com Awards Finalists Announced

January 19, 2016

Best ETF Research Paper

Awarded to the published paper from 2015 that most increased our understanding of how ETFs and/or index-based investments affect investor outcomes, whether in portfolios, markets or broader economic context.

· ETFs 2020: Preparing for a New Horizon – PricewaterhouseCoopers
PWC’s outlook for the ETF industry identified key trends and concerns, including the industry’s growing global footprint, challenging regulatory issues and technological disruption. It is a must-read for any ETF expert.

· Robustness of Smart Beta Strategies – Amenc, Goltz, Sivasubramanian, and Lodh
The abstract says it all: “There has been significant evidence that systematic equity investment strategies (so-called smart beta strategies) outperform the cap-weighted benchmarks in the long run. However, it is important to recognize that performance analysis is typically conducted on backtests … How robust is the outperformance?”

· Standard & Poor’s Index vs. Active Scorecard – Standard & Poor’s
The Standard & Poor’s Index vs. Active Scorecard keeps track of the percentage of actively managed funds that outperform the market. We’ll give you a hint: It ain’t many. The research is of fundamental value to everyone trying to talk sense into the lovers of traditional active mutual funds.

Best ETF Issuer Website

Awarded to the most informative and user-friendly website by an ETF issuer.

· BioShares
The BioShares ETF website offers everything a startup ETF provider can dream of, from detailed fund information to research and real-time data.

· BlackRock’s iShares
A behemoth in the space, BlackRock’s iShares makes the most of its scale with a rich website full of research, tools, portfolios and detailed fund information. The firm invested heavily in a new ETF screener, making it ever-easier to find the right ETF to express any point of view.

· PowerShares
PowerShares’ website receives kudos for being well-organized, in-depth and having exceptional intraday information on the ETFs in the PowerShares family.

· ProShares
ProShares’ product lineup is complex, with a mix of leveraged, inverse, alternative and tactical ETFs that could use some explanations. Its website is tops at taking complex products and providing a balanced view of their pros, cons and intricacies.

· State Street Global Advisors
SSgA received nominations for an in-depth website that prioritizes good information on its funds and its underlying indexes, as well as high-quality educational offering for investors at all levels of sophistication.

Best Index Provider Website

Awarded to the most informative and user-friendly website by an index provider.

· ERI Scientific Beta
ERI Scientific Beta’s website is a treasure trove of information, tools and research capabilities that has advanced academic finance in countless ways.

MSCI’s newly relaunched website brings high-quality design together with exceptional, institutional-quality research and insights around world-renowned core indexing capabilities.

· Reality Shares
For a small provider, Reality Shares blew the doors off with its index website, offering incredible insight into its products and strategies, with levels of transparency that should make established providers blush.

· S&P Dow Jones Indices
S&P Dow Jones Indices receives props for offering strong data (including downloadable data) and solid research, from the micro to the long-term macro perspective.

STOXX relaunched its website in July 2015, and created an intuitive, minimalistic Web product that provides exceptional data, research and information. You can compare and contrast indexes, listen to podcasts, view data and much, much more.

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