2015 ETF.com Awards Finalists Announced

January 19, 2016

Best ETF Advisor

Awarded to an individual financial advisor or advisor team that is using ETFs to deliver high-quality portfolios to clients in an innovative way.

· Chudom Hayes Wealth Management – Morgan Stanley, Oak Brook, IL
"Chudom Hayes has been running ETF portfolios at a major wirehouse longer than anyone I can think of," said one nomination, "and have done a great job of staying on top of current trends. But more than anything, they adopted ETFs and continue to use them because they put the client first, which is paramount to their group, their success and the ultimate success of their clients." The firm manages three ETF models with more than $600 million in AUM.

· Efficient Market Advisors
"EMA is the best financial advisor I have ever chosen," says one nomination. "Herb Morgan and team provide a weekly commentary that explains the status of the economy and market indicators required to understand how the investments they select are chosen. Having Herb and team manage my portfolio gives me peace of mind my retirement funds are directed to the appropriate allocation to ensure comfortable retirement."

· Miracle Mile Advisors
"Los Angeles-based Miracle Mile Advisors was founded by former Morgan Stanley investment advisor Brock Moseley in 2007 to help retail investors navigate the cratering market that precipitated the 2008 financial crisis," says one nomination. "The firm is a fee-only advisory and specializes in providing sophisticated financial plans using portfolios’ low-cost investment vehicles such as ETFs. [It]’s recognized as an active indexing pioneer: Brock says, an active indexing strategy marries an active asset allocation approach with traditionally passive investment instruments, such as ETFs."

· Nottingham Advisors
An asset allocation specialist, Nottingham crafts global, multi-asset-class portfolios using index-based vehicles, such as ETFs. Its global index-based strategies are available to advisors and investors via separately managed accounts. The group is a big proponent of ETFs and ETF-based strategies in the media and elsewhere.

· Oakeson Steiner Wealth & Retirement
The firm out of Hastings, Nebraska, uses ETFs extensively to manage nearly $1 billion in assets. The independent firm places a huge priority on working closely with clients on an independent basis.

Best Institutional ETF User

Awarded to an institutional investor that is using ETFs to deliver high-quality portfolios in an innovative way.

· Arizona State Retirement System
The Arizona State Retirement System continues to be an early adopter of ETFs, famously working with iShares in years past to help fund and seed new ETF launches in the factor-based ETF market.

· Employees Retirement System of Texas
ERST has been a vocal and significant adopter of ETFs, particularly fixed-income ETFs. The firm showed how the liquidity that ETFs offer allowed it to efficiently migrate capital to adjust for a changing fixed-income environment.

· Lazard Asset Management
Lazard developed the "Lazard Capital Allocator Series" in 2004 and became an early and leading institutional user of ETFs to provide investors with attractive returns using an innovative investment approach.

· State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund
The State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund is widely known as a major user of ETFs, and particularly fixed-income ETFs, part of the wave of institutional money moving into the fixed-income ETF space.

USAA is one of the largest holders of the iShares Factor ETFs, include QUAL and VLUE, and has adapted ETFs extensively throughout its platform.

Best New ETF Ticker
Awarded to the ETF with the best new ETF ticker. The ETF must have launched in 2015 to qualify.

· BITE: The Restaurant ETF

· CRAK: Market Vectors Oil Refiners ETF

· GUSH/DRIP: Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bull 3X and Bear 3X ETF

· IPAY: PureFunds ISE Mobile Payments ETF

· JETS: U.S. Global Jets ETF

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