2015 ETF.com Awards Finalists Announced

January 19, 2016

Best Index
Awarded to the index that has done the most to provide new ways of considering investment strategies, opportunities or ideas.

· CSI 300 Index
China A-shares were one of the biggest stories of 2015, and the CSI 300 is the S&P 500 of the China A-shares market. Holding the largest companies listed on mainland China, the CSI 300 offers investors a reliable measure and benchmark for following the turbulent A-share market.

· Morningstar Exponential Technologies Index
The index underlying the iShares Exponential Technologies ETF (XT) aims to capture the most innovative companies on the market. It offers a nontraditional (and perhaps more useful) take on the technology sector, looking at the producers as well as the consumers of technology.

· MSCI USA Quality Index
The MSCI USA Quality Index aims to capture high-quality firms that are growing well. The index focuses on companies with high ROE, stable earnings and strong balance sheets, highlighting the best of the best on the market.

· Reality Shares DIVCON Index
The Reality Shares DIVCON indexes take a new approach to the dividend market, seeking exposure to high-quality companies that are likely to increase their dividends in the years to come. The DIVCON dividend health scoring system has shown a remarkable ability to forecast dividend hikes and dividend cuts.

· S&P 500 Index
Everyone knows the S&P 500, and it remains the most important index in the world, with people worldwide using it to express their opinion on the market. Want a telling statistic? The S&P 500 was the underlying for the ETF with the largest inflows on the market (VOO) as well as the ETF with the largest outflows (SPY), while SPY options dominated the entire equity options market.

Best ETF Liquidity Provider

Awarded to the ETF liquidity provider (including market maker, authorized participant, agency broker, etc.) that has done the most to improve investor outcomes through education, support, services, innovation and outreach.

· Bloomberg Tradebook
A leading agency broker, Bloomberg Tradebook has brought technology to bear on the challenge of executing ETF trades, with unique tools that allow anonymous matching of buy and sell orders over a slick, technological interface.

· Cantor Fitzgerald
With Reggie Browne at the helm, Cantor Fitzgerald has aggressively grown its presence in the ETF market. The firm is noted for its expertise across a wide range of ETFs, from traditional equity to fixed income and more.

· Deutsche Asset Management
The nominations for Deutsche Asset Management highlighted the firm as a great trading partner, offering aggressive quoting and good service on a consistent basis.

KCG’s legacy as a leader in the ETF market shines through with exceptional research, significant depth and a strong brand and reputation in the market for solid service. It was cited by Bloomberg Rankings in 2015 as No. 1 in U.S.-listed ETFs, with 22% market share.

· Jane Street
Jane Street’s market making business grew enormously in 2015, as the firm came to trade more than $1 trillion in ETFs, a 50% increase over 2014. It makes markets on over 1,800 ETFs in the U.S. and serves as lead market maker and seed backer for 54 new ETFs, and has built large client bases internationally, institutionally and electronically.

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