Chinese Exchange Fanya Strives To Open Door To Minor Metal Investing

May 09, 2014


Some Observations

The discussion following the presentation, the last of the conference, could perhaps best be described as "lively," especially with the need for decorum to be maintained. (One need remember that many delegates make their livings trading the very metals Fanya is holding.)

However, perhaps understandably, very little concrete information could be learned from Zhang:

Q. Why so much indium, as opposed to silver – both are industrial metals?

A. It was the exchange's first metal.


Q. How much can the market move on Fanya?

A. There are market limits of 5-6 percent per day.


Q. Can people take stocks out?

A. They can take metals back home if they like.


Q. What stock levels is Fanya targeting?

A. Depends upon the market.


Q. Who is buying: industry or individuals?

A. Open an account and we'll tell you.


Q. Are individuals not being "seduced" into minor metals by adverts on TV and the like? There are not enough of them and the volumes are too small.

A. There's a market in base metals. Why not minor metals? If it weren't Fanya, it would be someone else.


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