Fracking Makes Sand The New Hot Commodity: What You Need To Know

September 03, 2014


Industrial Sand & Gravel: Estimated World Mine Production – 2013 (Million Tons)


Source: USGS

Also according to the USGS, currently the majority of all the sand and gravel the U.S. produces, some 62 percent, is "used as hydraulic fracking sand and well-packing and cementing sand," with industry and government experts estimating a production figure of 25-30 million metric tons for frac sand alone.

Domestic Consumption of Industrial Sand & Gravel in the USA - 2013


Source: USGS


In 2013, according to the USGS, this sand and gravel was produced in the U.S. by 120 companies with 177 operations in 31 states.

By tonnage produced, the leading states were:


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