Future Growth Of Volatile Cocoa & Coffee Rests In Emerging Markets

December 08, 2014



Cocoa is, of course, one of the main ingredients in chocolate. And a lot of people like chocolate—in particular the Europeans. According to figures for per capita consumption in 2014 from Euromonitor International, Switzerland still tops the table, at 9 kg per year (equal to around 209 regular size (43g) bars). (According to Confectionery News, daily consumption of a single regular size bar would see you eating some 15.7 kg every year.)

In some of the developed-market countries, however, consumption has actually dropped since 2012. The U.S., by value the world’s largest market for chocolate, is a case in point. Other such countries include Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Norway.


Chocolate Consumption per Capita (kg) – Top 20 Countries 2014

Source: Euromonitor International from Confectionery News


In addition to chocolate consumption going up both in Russia and a number of Eastern European countries, for example, Estonia and Lithuania, it has also been on the rise in a number of emerging market countries, including China and Brazil.


Emerging Markets per Capita Consumption (kg)

2014 Increase
Since 2012
China 0.2 0.1
India 0.1 0.0
Russia 5.3 0.2
Brazil 1.6 0.1
Indonesia 0.3 0.0
Mexico 0.5 0.0
Nigeria 0.0 0.0
Turkey 2.0 0.4

Source: Euromonitor International from Confectionery News


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