Future Growth Of Volatile Cocoa & Coffee Rests In Emerging Markets

December 08, 2014




Figures published by the ICCO in March this year (in World coffee trade (1963 – 2013): A review of the markets, challenges and opportunities facing the sector), indicate that there has been a steady annual growth in coffee consumption of 1.9 percent over the past 50 years, from 57.9 million bags in 1964 to 142 million bags in 2012. In addition, the growth rate has “accelerated since 1990 to 2.1 percent, and to 2.4 percent since 2000.”

And while historically, the traditional import markets like the EU, Japan and the U.S. have accounted for most of demand growth, more recently, the impetus behind such growth has come not only from the emerging markets, but the coffee-producing countries themselves.


World Coffee Consumption by Type of Market (1964-2012)

Source: International Coffee Organization


Indeed, of the exporting countries, the ICCO believes that “[a]lthough per capita consumption levels are still low in several exporting countries, there is considerable potential in the medium and short term, particularly given their economic development prospects.” However, it expects the emerging markets “to be a significant source of growth in world consumption over the next few years.”


Consumption Trends in Traditional Markets, Exporting Countries and Emerging Markets

Source: International Coffee Organization


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