Worst Performing Commodities In 2015’s First Quarter

April 06, 2015

Metals and ags were hit hard during the first three months of the year.


In contrast to the top-performers list for Q1, it wasn't hard to fill this worst-performers list. Each of the following commodities dropped well in excess of 10 percent just in the first three months of the year. Metals and agriculture took the top five spots, leaving energy commodities off the list.

5. Tin -14.9%


The downtrend in tin prices that began in 2014 continued in earnest this year. The story remains the same: A slowing Chinese economy means slower growth for base metals such as tin.

4. Sugar -17.8%


Expectations of a fifth-consecutive year of surplus pushed sugar to the lowest point since 2009. While the old adage of "never catch a falling knife" comes to mind when examining the sugar market, one prominent bull on the market is Jim Rogers. The commodities guru says the most-beaten-down commodities like sugar are where he would look to invest.

3. Nickel -18.2%


After surging during the first half of 2014 following an export ban by top-producer Indonesia, nickel prices plunged during the second half of the year as supply flooded the market from other sources. That decline continued in Q1 of this year, compounded by demand concerns that have plagued all of the base metals.



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