Bloomberg Indexes Acquires UBS's Bond Index Family

April 03, 2014

Bloomberg Indexes has bought Australia’s leading bond index family from UBS, which is intended to boost transparency in Australia’s fixed income market.

The acquisition comes in the wake of the LIBOR scandal, which has seen banks having to dispose of indexing businesses amid questions around transparency.

The UBS Australia bond indexes, which includes the UBS composite bond index, will be renamed the Bloomberg AusBond Indexes. They will be independently calculated, maintained and licensed by Bloomberg.

Srikant Dash, Head of Bloomberg Indexes, said: "There is a clear and necessary shift towards independent indexing and greater transparency in global fixed income benchmarks.

“This acquisition provides true independence to an index family used extensively by institutional investors and asset managers. We are committed to a seamless transition in Australia and will continue to leverage Bloomberg's heritage in bond markets to bring independence and transparency to fixed income benchmarks, globally."

Duncan Haig, head of FX, Rates & Credit, UBS Australia commented, "After 25 years of providing the leading bond indexes in Australia, UBS is delighted to announce the transitioning of the indexes to Bloomberg, a globally-renowned index provider, as we continue to concentrate fully on our Australian fixed income business. Bloomberg offers the fixed income community global expertise and independence of calculation and pricing, alongside a range of other services."

The Bloomberg AusBond Indexes include more than 500 bonds and are used as benchmarks for the majority of fixed income assets in Australia. The Bloomberg AusBond Indexes will continue to be available for distribution on multiple platforms.





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