UBS Launches Two New ETFs

July 01, 2014

UBS Global Asset Management has launched two new exchange traded funds giving investors exposure to UK mid-caps and continental European equities.

Launched on the London Stock Exchange, the UBS FTSE 250 UCITS ETF and the UBS MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITS ETF, are offered following investor demand.

The UBS MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITS ETF, which has a total expense ratio 0.20 percent, will add to the ETFs already offered by UBS tracking the MSCI EMU Index. The MSCI EMU index only includes the 10 countries in the European Economic and Monetary Union, however the new ETF provides exposure to 14 of the most important markets in continental European.

The UBS FTSE 250 UCITS ETF, which has a TER of 0.25 percent, extends UBS’ coverage of UK equities adding to its existing physically backed FTSE 100 ETF and swap-based FTSE 100 ETF.  Investors will now be able to take on specific UK mid-cap exposure or combine the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 ETFs for access to the entire UK market.

Andrew Walsh, head of UBS ETF sales UK & Ireland, said: “The new ETFs broaden our extensive product range and continue our aim of responding to our clients’ needs by delivering focused ETF solutions at very competitive prices.”

Both new ETFs are UCITS compliant, physically replicated, and domiciled in Luxembourg. They are also eligible for inclusion in ISAs and SIPPs. The funds will apply for UK reporting fund status and perform annual reporting for UK investors.



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