And The 2016 Europe Awards Winners Are ...

April 27, 2017

Best New Fixed Income ETF in Europe – 2016: iShares € Corp Bond Sustainability Screened 0-3yr UCITS ETF (LSE: SUSE)

This fund scooped the award for the most important fixed-income ETF last year because it has offered investors an innovative solution for short-dated corporate debt that is both sustainable and denominated in euros. Happily, it excludes debt from companies involved in weapons manufacturing.

It’s niche but it’s smart, as SUSE provides a way to avoid the U.S.-denominated market and associated currency risk, but it also offers underlying securities that are less sensitive to interest rate movements. Investors seem to like it, as SUSE has gained more than $470 million since launch.

Finalists included:

  • Amundi ETF Floating Rate USD Corporate UCITS ETF – Hedged EUR
  • db X-trackers iBoxx USD Emerging Sovereigns Quality Weighted UCITS ETF
  • Fullgoal FTSE China Onshore Sovereign and Policy Bank Bond 1-10 Year Index ETF
  • Lyxor US$ 10Y Inflation Expectations UCITS ETF
  • iShares Fallen Angels High Yield Corporate Bond UCITS ETF
  • Vanguard USD Emerging Markets Government Bond UCITS ETF


Best New Alternatives ETF in Europe – 2016: Boost S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures 2.25x Leverage Daily ETP (IM: VIXL)

This fund provides a unique solution to leveraging short-term futures on the volatility index by 2.25 times. The alternative fund is a good fit for sophisticated investors concerned about near-term market crises, as it hedges out the risk. A market downfall can harm everyone, but this fund goes one step to mitigating calamity for those willing to leverage exposure.


  • Boost S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures 2.25x Leverage Daily ETP


Most Innovative New ETF in Europe – 2016: iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS ETF (LSE: RBTX)

The most groundbreaking and disruptive ETF launched in 2016 had to go to RBTX, which offers European investors more exposure to companies across the world—not just in the U.S.—that are set to benefit from increasing robotic usage.

This trend is dominating the airwaves, and similar ETFs across the pond have gained a phenomenal amount of assets. RBTX has already grown to $431 million since it came to market in September.

Finalists included:

  • ComStage Alpha Dividende Plus UCITS ETF
  • Lyxor J.P. Morgan Multi-Factor Europe Index UCITS ETF
  • Lyxor US$ 10Y Inflation Expectations UCITS ETF



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