And The 2016 Europe Awards Winners Are ...

April 27, 2017

Best ETF issuer Website in Europe – 2016: Lyxor ETFs

Lyxor’s digital interface was judged to be the most informative and user-friendly website of any ETF issuer in Europe.

Lyxor relaunched its website last September, and although the move was overdue, the new interface provides very useful and detailed information on every product, such as full holdings, tracking error and counterparty information. It also offers a modern approach, with slickly produced videos. Most importantly, it is easy to move around the website, and the wording is simple and clear—crucial to helping investors make the right decisions.

Finalists included:

  • Deutsche Asset Management
  • iShares by BlackRock
  • WisdomTree
  • Zyfin Funds

Adam Laird of Lyxor said, "In the digital age, investors need more and more information. We are the go-to resource for investors."


Index of the Year – 2016: MSCI Emerging Markets SRI Index

As socially responsible investing gathers traction, investors will be pleased to learn they can place their cash with companies that adhere to the values they hold dear, wherever the company is based around the world. It includes large- and midcap companies from 23 countries, and returned 14.19% in 2016 in USD terms compared with its parent index’s 11.60%.

Finalists included:

  • iStoxx MUTB Global Quality Indices
  • S&P Long-Term Value Creation Global Index
  • Scientific Beta Developed Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy ERC Index
  • SPI Multi Premia Index


Index Provider of the Year – 2016: TIE: MSCI and Solactive

It’s not often that two companies claim the same prize, but the judging panel wanted to reward both MSCI and Solactive for having done the most in 2016 toward positive investor outcomes through new indexes in the market, research and adviser support.

While MSCI, a dominant player, continues to launch innovative single- and multifactor as well as SRI indexes, Solactive is an expert at pushing the boundaries within the industry, making custom benchmarks, pushing down prices for ETF issuers and making strides within the smart-beta and ESG space.

Finalists included:

  • ERI Scientific Beta 
  • FTSE
  • Markit iBoxx



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