And The 2017 Awards Winners Are …

March 22, 2018

Best ETF Issuer Website: iShares by BlackRock

Awarded to the most informative and user-friendly website of an ETF issuer.

When it comes to ETF issuer websites, iShares’ dominance goes unchallenged for yet another awards season. That’s right: It’s another “best” prize for iShares’ website this year. It’s won the best issuer website award every year since the awards began in 2014. The firm’s unparalleled excellence in delivering a wealth of research, data and analytics, investment tools and fund reports to investors everywhere remains an industry standard.

Finalists included:

  • Alpha Architect
  • Global X
  • VanEck
  • WisdomTree


Best Index Provider Website: S&P Dow Jones Indices

Awarded to the most informative and user-friendly website by an index provider.

S&P Dow Jones Indices is a genuinely useful omnibus of information, both on its own indexes and the

investment industry as a whole. Each of the nearly 5,000 indexes that S&P Dow Jones offers has its own landing page, complete with easy-to-use performance widgets; easy-to-find fact sheets and methodologies; and lists of related news and indexes in the same family. If an index has ETFs, futures or options associated with it, then those are listed on the page, too.

Finalists included:

  • Alpha Architect
  • MSCI
  • WisdomTree


Best ETF Issuer Capital Markets Desk: iShares by BlackRock

Awarded to the ETF issuer providing the most useful support to advisors for ETF trading.

Capital markets desks work with market makers and authorized participants to help ensure good on-screen liquidity. They also work with portfolio managers to help understand and explain underlying liquidity, and importantly, they work with actual investors to help them make smart trades. BlackRock’s capital markets desk wins kudos from the nominators on each front. Comments mentioned BlackRock’s commitment to the entire trading experience, not simply improving the execution of a specific iShares fund.

Finalists included:

  • Deutsche Asset Management
  • State Street Global Advisors
  • Vanguard Group
  • WisdomTree


ETF Strategist of the Year: 3EDGE Asset Management

Awarded to the ETF strategist or model portfolio provider that has done the most to improve investor outcomes in 2017.

Founded by industry veteran Steve Cucchiaro just two years ago, 3EDGE has quickly become a significant player in the ETF strategist space. At 3EDGE, he’s reinvented the model, leaning hard on quantitative finance to bring institutional-caliber portfolios to advisors. At the core of the approach is a reliance on “multiplayer game theory”—a simulation process that attempts to model what different actors in the markets will do in difference scenarios, whether they’re central banks, corporations or governments. 3EDGE’s unique approach to modeling capital markets leads to portfolios with a significant eye toward protection from tail-risk events, while still looking to provide alpha.

Finalists included:

  • iShares by BlackRock
  • CLS Investments
  • Newfound Research
  • Northern Trust Asset Management
  • Richard Bernstein Advisors


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