Emerging Market Bond ETFs In Vogue

August 28, 2017

Emerging market bond ETFs have been raking in assets this year as investors grow optimistic about the outlook for developing economies, and hone in on the attractive yields the region offers.

This is a pocket of fixed income that was bruised and battered following last November’s U.S. presidential election due to concerns about inflation, higher rates and the possibility of a strong dollar under the new administration.

But in 2017, emerging market bond ETFs have staged quite a turnaround. A recent Columbia Threadneedle survey gauging investor sentiment toward emerging markets in general showed a “significant” uptick in how investors feel about the region—up 36% from the last quarter of 2016, and up 72% from the end of 2015.

Emerging market equities have been hot this year; emerging market bonds too. The five largest EM bond ETFs have seen solid net inflows in 2017—and represent only a quarter of the number of emerging market bond ETFs in the market today.

Mark Dow, founder of Dow Global Advisors, has long been sounding the horn about the opportunity in emerging markets through the fixed income lens. For more than year, Dow has argued that currencies had gotten stretched on the downside, and that the region is in the process of forging a bottom as fundamentals get stronger.

Unlike equities, which need growth to really move higher, emerging market bonds offered a good entry point to the emerging-market-recovery story, thanks to their good risk/reward in the form of carry and interest, particularly local-currency bonds. (You can read one of Dow’s interviews on the subject here.)

“The really good entry points on emerging market local currency bonds are probably behind us, but the asset class it still very attractive to hold or to add to in sell-offs,” Dow said. “There’s still very good scope for emerging market currency appreciation over the next few years, and investors are desperate for yield.”


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