Finalists Announced For 2016 Europe Awards

February 20, 2017

Lifetime Achievement Award – 2016

Awarded annually to one living individual for outstanding long-term contributions to ETF investor outcomes, including those from the media, regulatory bodies, product providers, investment firms or other categories. Previous winners are not eligible.

  • Valerie Baudson, Chief Executive Officer, CPR Asset Management (Amundi)

A long-standing leader in the European ETF space, Baudson’s role continues to grow. She is widely credited with making Amundi a focused powerhouse in the ETF industry, delivering low cost, high quality products to investors.

  • Isabelle Bourcier, Head of ETF and Indexed Fund Activities, THEAM

Bourcier brings a wealth of experience to her role at THEAM, having previously led the ETF effort at Ossiam. She is a guru in terms of harnessing the power of smart beta strategies for the good of investors.

  • Mark Makepeace, Chief Executive Officer, FTSE Group

An ETF is (usually) nothing without its index, and Makepeace has been at the forefront of index development in the ETF space for years (indeed, he has been the only CEO FTSE has ever known). He’s tirelessly worked at expanding the firm’s remit, from its founding through its recent acquisition of Russell and beyond.

  • Baer Pettit, Chief Operating Officer, MSCI

MSCI sits at the center of the ETF industry, providing the indexes that power many of the largest equity ETFs around the world. As Chief Operating Officer, Baer Pettit sits at the center of MSCI, with responsibility for the development, operations and profitability of the firm's full product line, which includes index, analytics, ESG and real estate products. He is also an executive officer of the firm as well as a member of MSCI’s Executive Committee and chairman of the index industry association.

  • Graham Tuckwell, Founder, ETF Securities

Another legend in the ETF industry, Graham Tuckwell is the founder and chairman of ETF Securities, the largest ETF firm in Europe to be built from scratch. Prior to founding ETF Securities, Tuckwell played an instrumental role in the development and success of the original gold bullion ETFs, and an integral role in the growth of commodity investing around the world.

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