Finalists Announced For 2016 Europe Awards

February 20, 2017

Best New Active ETF in Europe – 2016

Awarded to the most important new actively managed ETF launched in 2016, regardless of asset class. Note: Importance is measured by the overall contribution to positive investor outcomes. The award may recognise ETFs that open new areas of the market, lower costs, drive risk adjusted performance or provide innovative exposures not previously available to most investors. Only ETFs with inception dates after 1 January, 2016, are eligible.

  • ComStage Alpha Dividende Plus UCITS

This unique ETF is the first actively managed ETF in the ComStage stable, and takes a unique approach to the market. Using quantitative screens, it picks stocks based on momentum, price to earnings growth and profitability, then screening for low volatility and high dividend payouts.


Thematic ETF of the Year for Europe – 2016
Awarded to the most important “thematic” ETF of 2016, as measured by its ability to capture important macro plays that can lead to specific portfolio outcomes. There is no requirement for this award regarding when this fund was launched.

  • Lyxor US$ 10Y Inflation Breakeven UCITS Cap USD

Not traditionally thought of as a thematic ETF, this fund hit the nominators as apropos for 2016. The fund holds the last six issuances of 10 year US TIPS and shorts Treasurys with the same duration. The difference between the two is considered the “breakeven rate of inflation,” and this fund captures it.

  • iShares Ageing Population UCITS

In almost all of the developed world and many emerging markets, the world is getting older. And while that’s horrible for long term investment returns, it creates unique business opportunities that this ETF aims to capture. Consider it an alpha seeking fund … or a hedge against the demographic drain.

  • iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS

The robots are coming! The robots are coming! And this ETF lets you get ahead of that trend.

  • iShares Digitalisation UCITS

We’re glued to our phones. The world is increasingly measured in bits (and paid for in bitcoin). This ETF captures the rising trend of digitalisation, allowing you to profit from the development we all feel in our day to day lives.


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