Finalists Announced For 2019 Awards

January 17, 2020

Service Provider Awards

For 2019, we are establishing a separate set of awards for service providers, with a distinct voting committee.


2019 Awards Selection Committee: Service Providers

1 representative from each issuer

1 representative from each listing exchange

Note: The Voting Committee is currently accepting nominations from the above. Please submit your request for your company’s representative to Stacey Brorup at [email protected].



Index Provider of the Year – 2019

Index of the Year – 2019

ETF Liquidity Provider of the Year – 2019

ETF Custodian of the Year – 2019

ETF Law Firm of the Year – 2019

Best Online Broker for ETF-Focused Investors – 2019

Best ETF Platform – 2019

Best ETF Issuer Capital Markets Desk – 2019

ETF Investor of the Year – 2019

Contact Cinthia Murphy at [email protected]

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