Friday Hot Reads: SEC Seeks Comment On Cboe Bitcoin ETF Filings

January 05, 2018

Compiled by Staff


SEC Seeks Comment On Cboe Bitcoin ETF Filings (CoinDesk)
Two proposed rule exceptions could pave the way for bitcoin ETFs.

Marijuana ETF Tumbles On Sessions’ Legal Rollback (Barron’s)
Attorney general reportedly ending policy that aided legal marijuana’s bloom.


4 Reasons To Avoid ETFs Tracking Entire US Market (Business Insider)
That these funds provide minimal diversification makes their investment risky.


Global Factory Boom Boosts Commodities (Bloomberg)
Strongest manufacturing activity since aftermath of global financial crisis sends prices to 3-year high.


Dow 25,000 (Reformed Broker)
It’s all happening and it’s worth remarking upon. 


Bitcoin’s Past ‘Bubble’ Suggests Next Record Far Away (MarketWatch)
"Historical comparisons to recent price action look like a bearish signal for the near term."


VanEck Semiconductor ETF Is Lazy Investor’s Boon (Investor Place)
One of the best ETFs of this bull market is ‘SMH,’ and it should ride higher in 2018.


Why Calm For Stocks Depends On Credit Markets (BlackRock)
Credit market conditions likely to provide clues as to whether equity markets can repeat 2017's outstanding performance.


Wall St Plans To Expand Anti-Hacking Project To 401(k)s (Think Advisor)
Sheltered Harbor already backs up savings and checking accounts.


When Pensions Run Out Of Cash (Institutional Investor)
Cash-poor pensions could trigger a market swoon.

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