Hot Reads: Global Fund Flows Worst Since 2011

February 08, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Global Fund Flows Had Worst Year Since 2011 (Think Advisor)

“Risk aversion was most evident among fixed-income funds in 2018,” says Morningstar.


The Day VIX Doubled (Bloomberg)
How it happened and what happened next, told by people with knowledge of the asset class and vivid memories of the day.


Vision For Fund Industry We Should All Aspire To (Evidence-Based Investor)

Who will be the next Jack Bogle?


High Dispersion Beats Low Correlation (CFA)

Hyperfocus on asset correlations ignores big picture.


Corporate Bonds Leading Fixed Income In 2019 (Capital Spectator) 

Most fixed income off to good start this year, but some areas of Treasury market seeing slight declines.


Fed Monetary Policy & Factors (MSCI)
Value and momentum at historical valuations.


‘Jobs In ETFs’ Lands New Funding (ETF Stream)

Recruiting firm continues to hone its message that there’s lack of top talent available to providers.


Fidelity Launches 1st Model Portfolios With ETFs (Think Advisor)

The two income-producing portfolios include active and passive mutual funds along with ETFs.


Why S&P 500 Needs VIX To Keep Falling If It Wants To Keep Rising (Barron’s)

One year after the great volatility blowup, VIX looks a lot less scary.


Sustainable Robo Advisor Redefining Corporate Success (Think Advisor)

Newday favors companies that value employees and suppliers as much as their shareholders.


Legg Mason Shutting 3 ETFs To Offer What’s ‘Relevant’ (Bloomberg)

The funds slated to close manage less than $30 million.


Why Energy Still Looks Cheap (BlackRock)

Despite rallying and outperforming this year, energy still looks like a value opportunity.


SEC Commissioner Anticipates Bitcoin ETF Approval (CoinTelegraph)

In leaked interview, Robert Jackson says he thinks "eventually" a firm will receive approval for its bitcoin ETF.

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