Hot Reads: US Bond Return Dispersion Widens

March 18, 2020

Compiled by Staff


US Bond Returns Varying Dramatically  (The Capital Spectator)
Year-to-date fixed income results range from strong gains to deep losses.


Wall St. Panics While Mom & Pop Buy (Bloomberg Opinion)
Passive investors calmly bought amid the market plunge, while titans liquidated.


Long-Dated Bond Returns Crush Stocks (Bloomberg)
U.S. large caps lagging Treasury bills over two years, too.


Coronavirus Could Slow By The Summer (Bloomberg)
Evidence is emerging that warmer temperatures and higher humidity can indeed affect the disease’s spread.


Advisors Help Clients Remain Calm In Market Rout (WM)
Many advisors have lived through bear market turmoil before. They say their role now is to keep clients from panicking.


Was There Any Escape? (Morningstar)
When the going got tough, diversification did not get going.


How The Coronavirus Crash Is Different From 2008 (Of Dollars & Data)
On return correlations and how this crash looks different.


ETF's China Exposure Not Beneficial (Seeking Alpha) 
China's economy may gradually decelerate in the next decade due to its ageing population and ongoing tensions with the U.S.


The Real ESG Challenge (CFA Institute)
Evolving into an eco-friendly system.


Trading ETFs In Volatile Times: What You Should Know (Wisdomtree)
Five good-hygiene trading steps to take, and more.


How To Fight Hindsight Bias (Irrelevant Investor)
This bias leads to more risk taking, ultimately resulting in lower returns.

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