Hot Reads: Why Not Go 100% Equities?

February 12, 2020

Compiled by Staff

Why Not Go 100% Equities? (Morningstar)
Revisiting a 25-year-old suggestion.


21% Corporate Tax Rate Locked In By Gridlock (Bloomberg)
Unless Democrats sweep control of Congress and the White House, the corporate tax rate will likely stay put. 


Finding Common Ground In Sustainable Investing (WM)
The Money Management Institute is rolling out a nationwide program to help educate advisors on ESG.


Josh Brown Seeks To Upend Wealth Management (MarketWatch)
A profile of the prolific blogger at the heart of the Ritholtz media empire.


Every Benchmark Is A Bundle Of Factors (Disciplined Systematic Macro Views)
Investors should be aware of other factors that influence their expected factor exposures. 


How Will Coronavirus Affect Your Portfolio? (Of Dollars & Data) 
A look at how previous epidemics have affected markets.


Payoff Diversification (Newfound Research)
The strategically rebalanced portfolio exhibits a payoff structure that is concave in nature; the momentum-based approach exhibits a convex profile.

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