Monday Hot Reads: 3-ETF Portfolio That Pays You 11%

December 19, 2016

Here's what we're reading this morning:

A 3-ETF Portfolio That Pays You 11% (Forbes)
Less than a quarter of ETFs dedicated to dividend stocks yield more than 6%.

Here’s Why The ETF Graveyard Is Getting Crowded (MarketWatch)
A few big funds see the lion’s share of inflows.

Gold & Miners Keep Falling (ETF Daily News)
Tighter Fed policy derails potential gold resurgence.

To Buy Gold Miner ETFs Or Not? (Benzinga)
Unusually high traffic on Jan. 19 calls on GDX.

Stocks Getting Artificial Boost That Could End In 2017 (CNBC)
Investors may be holding off on selling stocks in anticipation of lower capital gains taxes next year.

Analyst: ‘Gold Is Now Effectively Illegal’ In India (ZeroHedge)
India is attempting to create a cashless society.

The Problem With Market Timing Research (Oblivious Investor)
Historical data and conventional wisdom can only do so much for your money.  

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