Monday Hot Reads: Positive Buzz Sends First Marijuana ETF High

April 17, 2017

Compiled by Staff

ETFs Show Limits In World Of Emerging Market Bonds (WSJ)
Debt issued by governments and companies in emerging economies can be harder to buy and sell, while higher transaction costs have resulted in tracking errors.


ETF Interest Rises Among Managers In Europe, But Still A Hard Sell (P&I)
European investors are upping their use of exchange-traded funds, ETF providers say, as liquidity concerns, the need to be nimble in uncertain markets and regulatory demands on the derivatives market begin to take hold.


Matt Hougan On ETF Dominance (ValueWalk)
Hougan believes the gig is up for actively managed mutual funds and that ETFs will eclipse them in assets in a few years. 


If You Can’t Find A Good Fund Manager, Turn To ETFs (The Globe And Mail)
An index-based fund should work just fine if you're not confident picking a manager for a particular asset class.


One Man's Junk Is Another Man's ETF (Seeking Alpha)
ETF flows could be distorting the high-yield bond market's movements.


Where The Fed Goes From Here (BlackRock Blog)
With unemployment and inflation setting the stage for more rate hikes, the path to balance-sheet normalization continues.

Chile Takes The Title In MarketWatch's March ETF Madness (MarketWatch)
In a multiweek battle of single-country ETFs, Chile emerged the winner.


Just Keep Buying (Of Dollars And Data)
This is the investing mantra that can change your life.


How To Build A TIPS Ladder Portfolio For Millennials (Indexology)
A look at the benefits of owning Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS), and how to build a 30-year TIPS portfolio for retirement.


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